How do I export to Invaluable/AuctionZip?

We have recently upgraded our integration with Invaluable and AuctionZip. This article will explain how to export to those integration partners as smoothly as possible. 

1. Linking your Wavebid account to Invaluable and AuctionZip

Firstly, you will need to contact us and request that the option to export be added to your company profile. One of our Administrators will get everything set up on your profile, which will typically take 2-3 business days. You will only have to do this once, and your account will be linked from that point forward. 

2. Setting up your auction to be exported 

Several days after you have sent in your request, we will have your account linked to Invaluable and AuctionZip. When you create an auction, you will have the option to set Invaluable/AuctionZip as your software on the Create Auction page, and your account will automatically be linked: 



When you are setting up the auction in Wavebid, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Invaluable doesn't let you edit auctions on their site if they are within 2 hours of starting, or if they have already started. 
  • Not all time zones export to Invaluable, make sure that you select one that does. (Should be a list we make/they should only have those time zone options if they select Invaluable as the software.) 
  • Invaluable has three unique fields, which will appear at the bottom of the Auction Attributes list. Invaluable needs those three fields filled out when you export.


  • The last field, Channel, will determine whether your export goes over to Invaluable, AuctionZip, or both. 


One final and critical piece for getting the auction ready to export is setting it as live or timed, which is done under the Marketing tab of the Create/Edit Auction page. Under "Type of Auction", the "Live" and "Simulcast" options will set the export as Live, and the "Online" option will set the export as timed.


Exporting to Invaluable and AuctionZip

Once you have the auction set up, you can export from Current Auction > Export like for any other integration. On the export page, the Data Mapping doesn't matter. 

One thing to keep in mind is that Invaluable requires a Lot Title when you export. If any lot is missing a title, there will be an error, and the export may not go through. 

Finding your auction on Invaluable and AuctionZip

Navigate to and login. You should see your auction! 


You can edit the sale further in Invaluable or AuctionZip, or do your editing in Wavebid and then re-export. The one field that cannot be changed is lot number. Changing a lot number will interfere with re-exporting, but any other field can be changed and export over with no errors. 

One important thing to remember is that if you start a sale in Wavebid, any changes that need to be made should continue being made in Wavebid and should not ever be directly altered in Invaluable. 




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