8.8 Release Notes

This release went live the night of October 1st

New Integrations

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  • Added Invaluable/AuctionZip as a cataloging integration option within Wavebid
    • Added a way to easily publish an auction to both AuctionZip and Invaluable

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  • Added 'sealed bid' as an auction-type for use in integrations and the Ignite 3 plugin
  • Added the ability to have multiple galleries in Wavebid
    • Made multiple galleries import and export from Ignite 2
  • Made the email transaction report faster for companies that have a lot of email transactions
  • You can now send an emailed invoice to more than one person when clicking to email an individual invoice
  • Can now select multiple sellers to apply an expense to on the expense report
  • Added a feature to pre-program an 'address' for use in the Wavebid Platform
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